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Wrist blood pressure monitor

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Wrist electronic blood pressure monitor automatic high precision sphygmomanometer measuring instrument voice broadcast pressure gauge home

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Purchase notes in English!!!

Hereby note: English version without voice function !!! 

Model: RAK166 

Brand: Song Jia 

Energy Type: Battery

 Measuring location: wrist 

Whether to import: No 

Registration No.: Guangdong Machinery Note 20162200013

 Packing list: box, sphygmomanometer, manual, certificate 

Measuring method: fully automatic

 Product Name: Wrist automatic electronic blood pressure monitor

 Production unit: Shenzhen Ruiankang Technology Co., Ltd. 

Product standard: Guangdong Machinery Note 20162200013 products

 Scope of application: Measurement of adult diastolic blood pressure, systolic blood pressure, pulse, its value for diagnostic reference.

 Approval date: 2016-01-08

 Registration number is valid: 2021-01-07

 Business scope: Class 2 6820 general examination equipment