Automatic Egg Hatchery Incubator

Automatic Egg Hatchery Incubator

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For someone who wants just a few chicks to at a time
Mainly used for chicken, duck egg  through to the temperature and the incubation Temperature setting can be used for different kinds of breeder eggs
Laboratory observation or or families incubating in the backyard
Built-in temperature control system
Transparent lid allows observation  process
Contains a built-in fan to keep air circulated
CE certified

Egg Capacity(pc): 7 eggs
Input voltage: 110/220V
Power(W): 20W
Adjustable temperature:18--45c
Constant temperature precision: 1c
Size: 18*18*17cm (7*7*6.7")

Operation Instruction:
1. Please add water when you start to use it
2. Please preheat before the machine start to work, check whether it's 38c  or not, if not, please set it to be 38c according to Press-button Instruction
3. Please check whether the two LED lights are on or not
4. Please turn off the power after preheating. Fill the water pan with water, put it under the egg tray and put eggs into egg tray, then put on the lid of machine and turn on power

1. Please turn off power every time before opening lid of machine
2. Please add water every one to two days, be careful not drip the water onto the exposed electrics
3. The eggs must be fresh, fertilized eggs, not washed
4. Please gently turn the eggs manually no less than eight times per day in the first 18 days:
5. Turning angle degree:
Chicken: 45
Duck: 50 - 55
6. The machine DOES NOT have the function of automatic turning egg

Package includes:
1x Egg Incubator
1x User guider

Life is too short to live without the Automatic Egg Hatchery Incubator. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

Inventory Last Updated: Jul 30, 2021

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